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We all have at lest one friend who is lovingly forcing their new business down our throats. And what a joy it is to see those direct messages that are in no way pushy or coercing.
Just moaning about the fact I haven’t won the lottery yet. I don’t play it, obviously. I’m too stingy to gamble or place a bet.
For many this will be a time to embrace their heightened feelings, reflect and set goals for the month ahead. However, I see it as a bloody great opportunity to get away with acting like a massive bitch.
Hannah Ball’s world was turned upside down when her husband came home one night with an apron on, smelling of a rich Costa Rican blend with notes of caramel.
You may be surprised to learn that offering this gift can sometimes cause offence.
'A self proclaimed ‘girls’ girl’ but ten minutes later she’s slagging off a woman she’s never met from the paper'
They are on every street, they are on our feet and they are, quite literally, leading us astray.