Welcome to this little slice of the internet where all your problems will melt away

Allycat is your online bestie who is not afraid to get her claws out and tell it to you straight. Whether you need serious help or just a nudge in the right direction, this is a safe, nurturing space encouraging growth, empowerment and destruction (dependant on your goals). 

This crevice of the dark web has every tip and trick you need to flourish in this sick world. So, soak it up kittens and grab life by the fur balls.

If you are looking for a healthy dollop of cynicism with a dash of romanticism, you’ll feel right at home here.

To get the full experience, grab a cuppa before you proceed. To level up, accompany yourself with a Pinot Noir, a pint, a massive cake or a small fluffy friend (not a euphemism).

The Ally behind Allycat

Surprise, it’s not a spelling mistake folks.

Ally, otherwise known as Alex (and a stream of other, not always flattering, nicknames) is the creator, editor in chief, president and dictator of Allycat. She is also a twenty something queer woman living in London. Originally from Cambridge, she migrated to the big city in a bid to spice up her life, to quote the girls.

Ally is pretty into writing theatre, novels and for screen, but there is just no shutting her up. So, in between these projects and worming her way into people’s inboxes, Allycat is her way of giving back. A charitable venture, if you will. Hit up her LinkedIn (Alex Summer Milne) for more deets on work she’s subjected people to.

Aside from being utterly hilarious and criminally charming with killer good looks, Ally is a keen cook. She likes to think of herself as a plant based, slightly less voluptuous (gutted) Nigella. She also LOVES a boogie, is partial to a G&T and has a soft spot for a good old long walk. How relatable does she sound? Don’t you just wanna be her bff?