Research reveals telling a woman to ‘cheer up’ doesn’t actually cheer her up!

Today scientists have made a shocking discovery. One that will no doubt shake the nation to it’s weather-discussing, biscuit-dunking, builders-bum-flaunting core. After extensive research, the age old tradition of any and all men (#notallmen dry your eyes little princes x) hollering at unsuspecting women to ‘cheer up’ has been proven to be ineffective. Apparently women are not filled with immediate warmth and euphoria after a work colleague demands an abrupt display of joy as his mouthful of egg and cress showers down upon them. Who could have possibly guessed?

It is difficult to believe that ordering someone to just ‘be happy’ wouldn’t work. I’m sure most men would assume that such a selfless, well meaning act (that is definitely not narcissistic or a toxic outburst diverting the focus from their own emotional suppression) would solve all the troubling thoughts us women need to be rescued from. These guys really do care about our mental health and well being. I would’ve thought it was kind of men to remind us of things we’ve forgotten. Like to smile or that ‘it might never happen’. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve needed to be reminded that ‘it might never happen’. I count my lucky stars I’ve had plumbers and HIIT instructors strolling past me at pivotal moments through the years to reinforce these words to live by.

We must spare a thought for the men who are caught up in this whirlwind. The poor fellas just want something pretty to look at. And we all know, as many of us have been informed by colleagues, uncles or strangers at a zebra crossings, woman are more beautiful when they smile. With everything men do for women: letting us carry their children, letting us vote, sometimes letting us wear a mini skirt, isn’t it only fair we pop on a little show for them? Give ’em the old razzle dazzle. Maybe do a card trick or make them a sausage dog out of balloons.Ā 

But it’s not all doom and gloom. The good news is it’s unlikely men will refrain from telling women to ‘cheer up’ any time soon, as it may be possible they don’t really care if we cheer up or not. Hurrah. And they say chivalry is dead.Ā 

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Holly (@guest_51)
1 year ago

I thought it was just me!! Glad to hear Iā€™m not alone in this and that the science has proved it, now this… has made me happy!

Lily (@guest_56)
7 months ago

Painfully relatable. So good x