Sixteen and the disco blur

Smoke rises, making me squint

Novelty’s not worn off and neither’s my lip tint

Get up from New Look. Skirt too short 

My only thought was – I’ve arrived



With my mate’s id

Lola Lo, the place to go, a place to behold

Pre boogie cig without a coat


Rihanna every other song

Until some kid begs to put Abba on

Then you puff your chest like the request is absurd

But Dancing Queen starts and you know every word


Pinnacle of living

Recite the chorus in perfect rhythm

Your friends in unison, boppin

No plans of ever stopping


I miss us spending hours on our hair

Then whipping it up in a sweaty bun as soon as we get there

I miss swaying side to side on the toilet seat

Then stepping out into a photoshoot with the next girl you meet


Early hours and our mission not complete

Don’t stop til you’ve reached peak body heat

Only tumble out as the doors shut behind you

Trickle home, knowing you’ll be back soon


It was sweet as the Smirnoff Ice we sipped on the street

Before clopping past the bouncer for a night of sore feet

We didn’t know how free we were

Multicoloured floor and the disco blur

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Bel (@guest_41)
1 year ago

Drying off the sweat in the smoking area xx

Molly (@guest_47)
1 year ago

Love this x

Francesca H
Francesca H (@guest_57)
7 months ago

Pure nostalgia this is